FRUTA FRESCA - Kettle Sour

FRUTA FRESCA - Kettle Sour

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Fruta Fresca is our third bottle from our Limited Edition Bottle Series, and our first ever kettle sour. Styled after an Agua Fresca this beer is refreshing! A wonderful mix of raspberry, hibiscus, currants and cherry flavours coupled with the mild acidity from this beer style, compliment each other beautifully. Aromas of raspberry, hibiscus, black cherry, red currant and honey suckle hit the nose, followed by clean finish with a mild mintiness. Sitting at 4.5% alc, this beer is light, fruity and refreshing- perfect for enjoying in the sun.

* Fruta Fresca is a collaborative beer project coordinated by the great folks of Indigenous Brew Crew and Do Better Be Better.

The Celebrating Sisters Project is intended to celebrate the strength and resiliency of Indigenous girls, women and Two-Spirit people, while also reflecting on the fact that many are still abused, murdered and missing. We are using our platform to do some good, by doing something we know how to do. It's that simple. $1 from every bottle sold will be donated to The Families of Sisters in Spirit.

The Families of Sisters in Spirit are an all-volunteer, grassroots, unfunded group of families of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirit people and ally-friends.

650ml Bottle